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    Juana De La Torre sales director and Lourdes Reyes marketing Director at the Ball table top flower display
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    Sign with flowers 2 close up
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    Ball table top as shown I Floral Daily
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    With flowers 1
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    Green trend, and Green Ball plays a big role in this trend
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    Our varieties at the WFFSA sign
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    Ball Dusty Miller at the Bella Blosoom stans
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    Green Ball being trendy
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    Flowers creating a better world .
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    Dianthus Amazon ...amazing with roses
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    Kales, a perfect focal
  • Slider Imagewffsa11.jpg
    Gyp Mirabella at the California Mellano stand
Create a common awareness of the problems of biodiversity loss
Place: Farm Ball - Colombia
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International floriculture trade fair
Place: Vijfhuizen - Netherlands
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Fresh Summit International Convention & Expo
Place: New Orleans, Louisiana - U.S.A
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Place: Miami, Florida - U.S.A
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The meeting place for the flower industry.
Place: Bogota - Colombia
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Supermarket & mass market show, naming ceremony, iron competititon
Place: McCormick Place | Chicago, IL - U.S.A
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Placing flowers on the graves with, blue varieties.
Place: Washington - U.S.A
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International Show, present varieties to China market
Place: Shanghai - China
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A show in a greenhouse look alike tent, with an sprit to fresh flower.
Place: Las Vegas - U.S.A
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