About Us


Ball SB, as part of the Ball Horticultural group, distributes seeds, plugs, cuttings and TC plants in Central and South America as well as Kenya and Ethiopia, offering our own genetics and representing third parties in the region.

In our R&D station located in Sesquile, Cundinamarca we do our breeding programs, testing and research of fresh cut flowers.  We have various locations in Colombia to propagate cuttings and TC plant materials for the needs of our growers.  As a service to our customers, Ball SB also leads a complete marketing program of our flowers to make their business grow by exposing our products in consumer markets.

We have offices in Miami in the United States, Bogota in Colombia, Quito in Ecuador; Nairobi, Kenya and representatives in Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico.







Ball SB’s goal is to be the world leader in the research, breeding, young plant production and marketing of cut flowers.

Ball Pillars of Growth

  • Create excitement in the world of flowers
  • Color the world
  • Always be the first choice for service 
  • Continually improve our cost position 
  • Grow a green future

Seeds of Success

  • Never sacrifice the long-term for the short-term
  • Innovate in everything you do
  • Run to the hard stuff
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • Always do the right thing

Investing in Innovation

Ball SB is well known for leading edge in new varieties and breeding programs. With a brand new research center (Sesquile, Colombia) and a fully operational TC Lab, we test over hundreds of trials annually. Our R&D team follows a rigorous and strict process of evaluation and selection to provide and introduce new varieties and genetics to bring more color and beauty to nature.



Ball SB Research and development station has various major objectives:

  • Code selections of the newest varieties after the first selections at the breeding stations.
  • Grow permanently new varieties to gain cultivation knowledge to advise customers on how to grow these new varieties.
  • Keep a permanent flower showroom where our customers and their customers can see the commercial and new varieties in real life. 
  • Source of flowers for our marketing department, to be display at flower fairs, shows and seminars around the globe.


Our laboratory propagates important products in our assortment as Limonium, Delphinium, Chrysanthemums, among others. In adition to maintain elite stock on varieties like Gypsophila and Dianthus. 

We provide our clients with top technology to assure clean, high quality plant materials. Our tissue culture facilities assure an aseptic environment to maintain plantlets and plant tissue in the optimum conditions for their development.

Each variety is treated in specific conditions to assure their proper development in terms of quality, propagation rates and stability. All of our material is tested and monitored constantly with up to date technology to prevent any contamination to assure the quality you are looking for.


Our plug operation uses the latest technology and the best supplies to get the best plugs and rooted cuttings.

Offering our customers the best service and quality.

Our customers do not have to worry about their starting vegetative material, concentrating their effort in what they do best, grow the plants by knowing that their plugs are healthy, uniform and reliable.

Our shipment service is also reliable and punctual and our customer service is always ready to answer any questions from our customers and friends.


Ball SB has the capability to propagate Gypsophila and Dianthus by cuttings. Our mother plants are of the best quality ensuring the highest quality and sanitation standards. Mother plants are generally considered to be special plants with unique characteristics that want to be reproduced. Cuttings taken from a mother plant will ensure homogeneity.
At our facilities, we can also root the cuttings for our clients. With this vegetative propagation, plants bypass the immature seedling phase and therefore reach the mature phase sooner. This can save a lot of time and money for commercial plant production. Our rooted cuttings reduce the risk of plant loss during development.